5 ribs roof panel – EPS insulated

5 ribs roof panel – EPS insulated

Our panels have 5 ribs in terms of form, and with the double lock feature, both the bottom and the top metal are interlocked. It has a higher load carrying capacity due to its 5 ribs.



Panel Insulation Thickness: Min 40 / Max 150 mm

Fire Class: B1 (EPS)

Producible Length: Min 2000 mm / Max 16000 mm

Producible Width: 1000 mm

Metal Thickness: Min 0,40 mm / Max 1,00 mm

Insulation Material: EPS (16 kg / m3)

The 5 ribbed eps insulated roof panels are composed of 5 ribs eps insulated sandwich panels as form. 5 ribs EPS insulated roof panel is the most economical coating solution for roofs with a large purlin range. Insulation thickness can be produced in the desired thickness, as the insulation thickness increases, the sandwich panel carrying capacity increases. The higher the thickness, the higher the insulation coefficient.

The lower and upper surface structure consists of painted galvanized sheet. The middle part consists of polystyrene insulation. As the thickness of the polystyrene insulation increases, the load bearing capacity of the panel increases. Thanks to the lightness provided by the polystyrene insulation, the panel is very light and when used in roof covers, the lightness it provides to the structure makes an economic contribution to steel construction or similar systems.

Polystyrene insulated sandwich roof panel is suitable for use in steel construction buildings with a large span of purlins or similar structures thanks to the high number of ribs. It is generally preferred in areas where there is a lot of snow and wind rose. As the panel infill thickness increases, the load bearing capacity of the panel will increase. Thanks to the 5 ribs it contains, its weight carrying capacity is quite high. Thanks to the polystyrene insulation, it is a very economical product. It can be produced in desired capacities. There is no stocking problem. It is among the main roofing products used in container and prefabricated buildings.

The polystyrene insulated sandwich roof panel has an original cover cap that is specially designed for the groove opening. After the sandwich panel assembly process is completed, the specially designed panel heavy cover is mounted as the last step. In this way, polystyrene insulation prevents birds and some curious insects from harming it.

In addition to the damage of insects, the panel cover prevents the accumulation of dust and soils and the greening of the plants from there due to sunlight or various environmental factors. In this way, the products become long-lasting products. At the same time, it provides an aesthetic appearance.

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