Steel Construction

It is a steel structure system with wide spans and heights, mostly used in factory buildings, hangars, sports facilities, warehouses and workshops. It is also mostly used where all carrier systems are made of steel and is especially preferred in earthquake-prone region.

Steel Construction Systems are an alternative to ferroconcrete and wooden building systems, which have high costs and long construction terms, and have been used all over the world for many years. The purpose of Steel Construction Systems is to produce buildings that are earthquake resistant, comfortable, and used all seasons, with a low cost.

Steel is cost effective. Prefabricated elements provide high quality at low prices and shorten the construction period. Steel is the material with the highest ratio of carrying capacity to weight. Thanks to the high carrying capacity of steel, steel construction elements are produced in smaller cross-sections and dimensions, lighter and with excellent quality.

C Profile

C profile products may be preferred for different purposes in many different sectors. Construction, steel construction, light steel construction, automotive, electrical-electronics, metal goods, energy, etc. are the main sectors.

C profiles can be preferred as carrier or auxiliary elements in industrial buildings and steel buildings. These profiles are CEE profile, C profile, CC profile, C purlin profile, C belt profile, roof profile, facade profile, light steel structure profile, steel construction profile, heavy steel building profile, perforated C profile, drawn C profile, Special designs profile, steel building profile, prefabricated building profile, custom manufacturing C profile, prefabricated building profile, carcass profile, truss profile, steel roof profile etc. used under such names.

C profiles can be preferred in the form of carrier column, carrier beam or knitted truss by mounted back to back. In addition, C profile can be preferred as a carrier product in heavy steel industrial structures exposed to excessive loads, as well as purlin, belt, and facade profile as an auxiliary product. It is used as a carrier column, beam and roof truss in non-industrial steel structures such as light steel buildings, warehouses, hangars, and animal shelters.

Alpina Group, which provides advantages in terms of steel profile prices with its customer-oriented approach, has always adopted the principle of providing outstanding service to its customers with its packaging and logistics services.

Producing steel profile types with the insight of total quality management, Alpina Group is the solution partner of its valuable customers with its expert team.

Always following the cutting-edge and innovative technologies within the framework of the Technology Point slogan and applying them in every field from production to after-sales, Alpina Group realizes burr-free cutting in the desired dimensions according to the requirements of the project, and burr-free drilling operations in the desired dimension and axis, with steel profile types.


Alpina Group, which continues its activities in the field of siding, offers solutions to companies in their projects with facade panels and trapezoidal systems.

Sidings are used to complement the architectural style of the building aesthetically, while providing effective protection against external weather conditions such as rain, wind, snow, sun, which damage houses.

While the siding minimizes the sound transmission, it also extends the life of the building by providing heat and water insulation.

Siding materials are generally selected and applied in accordance with the design and aesthetic appearance of the building.

Facade profile and trapezoidal sheet systems are mostly preferred in industrial facilities, and Alpina Group enrich the projects with years of knowledge and experience in both preferences.


Alpina Group, which has years of experience in roofing systems, has become one of the leading companies in the roofing sector thanks to its quality service.

The applications made for the purpose of protecting buildings or structures from external factors such as snow and rain and providing heat insulation are called roofing.

The quality roofing materials used are particularly important in terms of the longevity of the building and the healthy continuation of the life inside.

Alpina Group, which has proved its success with successful projects, is continuing its activities with the roof panel system solutions in many regions in Turkey.