Fence Panels

Fence Panels

Alpina Group, serving from the material produced to the application in the panel fence systems sector, offers 6 different product types with Single Panel Fence, High Security Fence, Double Panel Fence, Demzor Single Panel Fence, Demfor Panel Fence and Deco Demfor Panel Fence models.

what is a panel fence?

Panel fence is a wire mesh system that provides environmental safety and additionally its border-defining feature and at the same time provides decorative and aesthetic visuality to every space.

Panel fence features

The wire coatings of panel fences, which have a symmetrical, stylish, and decorative appearance thanks to their wire mesh structure, are made by applying static paint on galvanized. The second stage is the planting stage. The coating, which is used in the sewing phase of panel fences, is again made using static paint, but this time static paint is applied on electro galvanized.

The general features of panel fences are as below:

Panel fence height varies between 50 cm and 250 cm.

Panel fence is produced from double wires.

Plastic clips are used during assembly.

The number of plastic clips to be used during the assembly process of panel fences is determined according to the height of the fences to be installed. Less plastic clips are used for fencing that is not high, while more clips are used for fences that are too high. For example, while 2 plastic clips are used for a panel fence with a height of 100 cm and 3 plastic clips are used for panel fences with a height between 120 cm and 150 cm, and 4 plastic clips for a panel fence with a height of 200 cm.

Color options are entirely at the consumer’s preference, and production can be made in all colors.

panel fence prices

Panel fence prices may vary according to the material and dimensions to be used. Please fill in the request form to get an up-to-date and clear price. Our professional team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Fence supporting accessories such as steel dowels, profile ladles and profile covers are offered for sale in quantity.

The reasons for choosing panel fence:

We can list the preference of panel fence under 3 main headings. Panel fence installation is easy, it is durable and has stylish appearance.

Its decoration, border determination and at the same time providing perimeter security make Panel Fence Systems superior to wire mesh systems. Panel fence, which is a wire mesh model, gives a decorative appearance to every place where it is applied.

Alpina Group, which is the pioneer of the sector in terms of panel fence production and applications, continues to gain the appreciation of its customers for years with its quality, durability, reliability, long-term durability, economy, as well as its qualified and experienced staff.

Panel fence systems that create views that offer aesthetics and symmetry together are offered to you with the quality and assurance of Alpina Group.

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