Grass Fence Panel – Decorative Grass Fence Systems

Grass Fence Panel - Decorative Grass Fence Systems

Decorative grass fence is a type of grass fence that is preferred today with its decorative, durable and robust structure. The product consisting of the combination of grass and fence is known as decorative fence systems.

Our decorative grass fence product, produced from artificial turf, creates a different appearance to the building by creating decorative grass fences in the interior and exterior parts of alternative spaces. Produced from special PVC material, decorative grass is applied on stainless wire.

Decorative grass fence features

If we need to sort the decor grass fence features, we can define it as a grass fence system that does not fade, burn, spill, and deteriorate thanks to its artificial structure. Decorative grass, which we can list these features as the biggest reasons for preference, is our own product. You can use decorative grass safely with Alpina Group assurance.

usage areas of decorative grass fence

As a product that can create the perception of natural grass in individuals, decorative grass coating systems are used in sports fields, playgrounds, terraces, gardens, pool surroundings, garden parts of cafeterias and restaurants, landscaping of sites and villas, roadside, wall and facade coatings. This product, which can be used in many more areas, is a decoration element that the service segment cannot avoid, especially since they want to make their customers feel the peace created by the green on the individual and to be the places preferred by the customers who want to experience this peace.

Features of decorative grass fence

Decorative grass fence is obtained with 0 UV protected PVC fringed in the form of grass of 1.5 mm thick double-wrapped wires. PVC has a density of 1.5 g/cm³, an elongation at break of 5-8%, an impact resistance of 10 to 30, a maximum working temperature of 60C for long-term operations, 80 degrees for short-term work. It is a material with low friction coefficient and low air humidity. PVC, which has all these features, is used in decorative grass coating systems as a durable, light, fire-resistant, long-lasting, economical, environmentally friendly material. Thus, a product with the properties provided by PVC emerges. When considered as the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere, called the carbon footprint, it is seen to be an environmentally friendly product. This is an issue that needs to be emphasized. Because the carbon emitted into the atmosphere negatively affects human health and is one of the factors that threaten a livable world.

One of the characteristics of the double-wound wires with 4×4 cm mesh spacing used in the production of decorative grass fences is that these wires are hot-dip galvanized. The hot dip galvanizing method is performed by dipping the wire into the molten zinc. In this way, it is aimed to resist the metal wire to corrosion and increase its resistance. We try to summarize the technical features of decorative grass, produced with ISO 9001 quality guarantee certificates. ISO 9001, which is essentially a control mechanism, aims to reduce and eliminate errors. Thus, the production of products and services in quality to meet customer needs is ensured.

Decorative grass, which is a product group that draws attention with its non-flammable, non-fading, non-deteriorating, washable, paint-repellent structure, is applied as panels in areas where there is no supporting element, and can also be applied to wire mesh, wall surface, and between posts as a supporting element. While decorative grass is applied to the areas where the supporting element exists, the decorative grass covering material produced in 10-meter rolls is mounted to the supporting element with suitable apparatus. This portable application provides the user with the ease of removing decorative grass coverings whenever he wants. Decorative coatings and panels are sometimes used as a grass fence, sometimes as a grass wall, and offer the opportunity to change the perception of life in the places where it is applied.

grass fence prices (decorative grass prices)

Grass Fence prices may vary according to the material and dimensions to be used. Please fill in the request form to get an up-to-date and clear price. Our professional team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

decorative grass details:

Decorative grass is one of the grass fence types. Since it contains a natural element such as grass, it also provides an aesthetic appearance to the area where it is used. Thanks to this feature, it is used quite frequently especially in landscaping. Although the grass used is artificial grass, it has recently been the focus of attention in parks, lands, plots, home gardens or gardens belonging to any institution. The primary reason decorative grass is preferred so much is that it has a very strong and durable structure and appropriate amounts have been determined for the prices of decorative grass. With decorative grass, you can create a very beautiful look both indoors and outdoors. While you can create a very stylish appearance in the garden of your home, you can also provide decorative grass areas with a very pleasant appearance in your own cafe.

Decorative grass does not require tiring maintenance, so it is highly preferred in businesses. Decorative grass does not want such maintenance, as it will be a waste of time to constantly deal with the maintenance and cleaning of all kinds of systems used only for containment. It can be used for at least 5 years without any damage. It is a much better form of decoration than ivy. Its simplicity and lack of eye strain is one of the features that make the product stand out. Decorative grass is also resistant to harsh weather conditions. The grass used in its production is the grass that stands on the stainless wire and is made of PVC material.

In addition, accidents that are likely to occur as a result of minor carelessness in various moments of danger should not be ignored. Decorative grass has been designed according to such situations in mind. Many products on the market for landscaping wear out quickly and become quite useless. However, the decorative grass has features such as not being flammable, not fading or deteriorating its structure depending on weather conditions. Another point that should be mentioned in this regard is that the decorative grass can be washed at any time. The decorative grass you wash does not hold paint and stains, and is not like other products that trap the stain and make it difficult to clean. For the decorative grass you want to buy, there is an advantage that the size is not standard. There are also decorative grass varieties whose dimensions can be adjusted by the customer. Depending on these dimensions determined by the customer, the prices of decorative grass also vary.

As the material used increases or decreases, the price of the product will increase and decrease. Decorative grass, which has so many features mentioned above, will not cause the slightest problem in terms of structure and will appeal to your aesthetic taste, will be one of your best assistants in landscaping. Despite all these advantages, the fair grass prices will not strain your budget and will allow you to have a landscaping as you imagine.

Application areas of decorative grass:

  • Parks and gardens
  • Roadsides
  • Sites
  • Villas and their surroundings
  • Industrial areas
  • Land
  • Landscaping
  • Sports complexes
  • Pool fronts

Decorative grass can be used in many areas with its durability and aesthetic appearance. Particularly preferred outdoors, decorative grass can be applied as an existing wire mesh, wall surface, as a roll directly between them, or as a panel in areas where there is no supporting element.

Alpina Group continues to serve you with its Decorative grass production, with its expert employees in the field, and reliable and customer satisfaction-oriented service understanding.

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