Board Fence

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Board fence, which is generally used in square and rectangular form, is made in different shapes and sizes according to demand. Board fence is made by mounting fencing or mesh wire panels in the pre-prepared angle bracket frame at equal intervals on the floor or wall after the field arrangements are made.

board fence features

Board fence is manufactured with 40*40 or 50*50 angle iron and frame iron in desired dimensions. Optionally, steel mesh, panel fence mesh, or fence wire can be mounted inside the frame. Poles are made of 50*50 2mm box profile.

Board fence is a highly preferred type of fence with its on-site assembly and ability to be painted in the desired color.

“Alpina Group”, which has proven itself in the field of wire fence for years, produces board fence products with modern technology.

board fence prices

Board fence prices may vary according to the material and dimensions to be used. Please fill in the request form to get an up-to-date and clear price. Our professional team will return to you as quickly as possible.

usage areas of board fence

Board fence is used for security purposes in schools, basketball courts, gardens and various government institutions. Board fence, besides being used for security purposes, is highly preferred thanks to its aesthetic appearance.

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