Rockwool Insulated

Our panels don’t have ribs in terms of form, and cold room or oven panels with rockwool filling in the middle of galvanized sheet whose two sides are painted. Cold room panels, which can be produced in 1100 mm widths, are used in the creation of cold storage firing and intermediate partition areas.


Panel Insulation Thickness: Min 40 / Max 150 mm

Fire Class: A1 (ROCKWOOL))

Producible Length: Min 2000 mm / Max 16000 mm

Producible Width: 1000 mm

Metal Thickness Min: Min 0,40 mm / Max 1,00 mm

Insulation Material: ROCKWOOL (110kg / m3)

Rockwool insulated cold room type sandwich panels are sandwich panel systems whose lower and upper surfaces are made of metal and rockwool insulation in the middle. Cold room type rockwool insulated sandwich panel systems are sandwich panel systems used in the creation of high temperature chambers such as ovens. Thanks to its a1 fire class, it is fireproof and shows an exceedingly high resistance against fire.

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