Polyurethane Insulated

Our panels don’t have ribs in terms of form, they are cold room panels with polyurethane filling in the middle and two-sided painted galvanized sheet. Cold room panels, which can be produced in 1100 mm widths, are preferred in the creation of cold storage areas with low ambient temperature protection.


Panel Insulation Thickness: Min 40 / Max 150 mm


Producible Length: Min 2000 mm / Max 16000 mm

Producible Width: 1000 mm

Metal Thickness Min: Min 0,40 mm / Max 1,00 mm

Insulation Material: POLYURETHANE (40kg / m3)

Cold room panels with polyurethane and pristine insulation are cold room sandwich panels consisting of upper and lower metal and polyurethane insulation in the middle. Cold room sandwich panels are cold room sandwich panel systems used on the walls and ceilings of buildings created to store products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products in large and small rooms. It can be produced in desired thicknesses.

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