Panic Opening doors

If the automatic sliding door with photocell is to be used in the case of the desired panic opening feature in the doors with normal use, wings equipped with a special mechanical equipment are used to disable the automation in case of pushing the wings in the escape direction in order to provide the emergency exit feature and to open 90 degrees from the sliding position. Aesthetically, automatic sliding door wings with panic escape feature, which is no different from standard applications, can be used easily in any environment where it is needed.

If the clear passage width resulting from the opening of the moving sliding wing or wings in panic is not sufficient or is not fixed, the feature of opening 90 degrees in panic is applied only on the moving wings.

In cases where the net passage width opened in panic does not reach sufficient distance only with the moving wings or in special cases that require passage in non-panic situations. For instance in an auto gallery, all wings can be driven to the sides by providing 90 degrees free opening together with the moving wings.

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