Panel Insulation Thickness: Min 40 / Max 150 mm

Fire Class: PUR / PIR (B2 / B1)

Producible Length: Min 2000 mm / Max 15000 mm

Producible Width: 1000 mm

Metal Thickness Min: Min 0,40 mm / Max 1,00 mm

Insulation Material: POLYURETHANE (38-40kg / m3)

The facade panel is in plain form. Its lower and upper structure consists of painted galvanized sheets and the middle is made of polyurethane insulation. Thanks to the paneling system, the screws used to fix the panel are hidden. Thanks to its plain appearance, it sticks an image to the structures like a composite coating. They can be produced in any desired size and color.

The most important feature of the plain facade panel is that its surface is unlined. The unlined surface provides a composite appearance. It can be used on facades with composite coating. The most important feature compared to other composite coatings is the insulation. There is no need for an additional insulation coating for the facade surface to be coated. It can be produced in desired colors.

Plain facade panels are among the most frequently used coating products in creating clean rooms. The ceiling and walls of the area where the clean room will be created are used without a pattern. The most important feature of using it in clean rooms is that it is a plain surface. Thanks to the plain surface, an anti-bacterial floor is created. It is easy to clean the plain surface. By filling the panel joints with anti-bacterial silicones, a completely smooth surface is obtained.

Unlike other facade panels, it is beneficial to use thicker metals. It prevents minor errors in polyurethane from hitting the surface due to its thick metal plain surface. One of the biggest reasons for making lines in facade sandwich panels is to obtain a smoother surface with thinner metals. Thanks to the lines, the metal surface provides strength and thus the wavy surface in polyurethane is prevented from hitting the outer metal. For this reason, it is beneficial to choose the plain surface metal thicker than the normal panels when the plain panel is preferred.

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