Hermetic Door Systems

Hermetic door mechanism and wing design are in an extremely ergonomic structure shaped with smooth surfaces that do not collect dust as it should be in fully sterile environments.

Thanks to the jointed structure in the mechanism, when the wing reaches a level close to the closing point, it simultaneously enters the slot with a horizontal movement, while the special guiding element pushes the wing against the wall and the wing is closed by pressing on the door gap from 4 sides.

Finally, thanks to the gaskets on the hermetic door wing and frame, the airtight hermetic door feature is completed.

Hermetic Door Systems can be preferred with three different construction elements and surface coating.


Compact Laminate

Stainless steel

Sağlık Bakanlığı ve TOKİ’nin Teknik Şartnamelerine %100 Uygunlukta evrensel standart ve normları tam anlamıyla karşılayan test raporlarına ve sertifikalara sahip profesyonel bir üründür.

Hermetic Doors With Specific Application Areas Such As Operating Rooms, Laboratories and Even Recording Studios Which Need Sealing, Close With Full Contact On The Wall And Floor And Meet The Need For Air Tightness.

Hermetic doors close with full contact on the wall and floor in specific application areas like operating rooms, laboratories and even recording studios that need impermeability and meet the need for air tightness.

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