90° stainless door

The hinged stainless door has been developed to meet today’s requirements in the most meticulous way.

Single wings up to 2000 mm can be produced up to 1200 mm width.

Hinged stainless doors can be operated automatically up to 250 kg by installing an automatic door mechanism.

To ensure hygiene in areas where operational works are carried out, doors must also be made with hygienic properties.

In the operating room or reanimation parts of the hospitals, it is ensured that the space is taken under protection in order to protect both the hygiene and the characteristics of the ambient air, pressure, temperature, etc.

Similarly, stainless doors are required to provide air conditioning and hygiene in sensitive production areas like pharmaceutical production facilities and food production facilities.

Leaded or polyurethane panels with different densities are used.

Strong, high quality and dust free profiles

Stainless steel handle, lock, and adjustable striker 40mm observation window (Tempered, 20 mm special painted edges)

Sound and heat proof panels

Adjustable frame and panel covering on walls of any thickness

It is widely used in hospitals and laboratories, factories that produce high-tech and pharmaceutical products and clean rooms, rooms that require gas tightness, and places that require sound insulation such as theaters, etc.

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