27/200 Roof and Facade Sheet

The 27/200 trapezoidal form is the most economical and common form. It can be produced with galvanized sheet or aluminum coilcoating system with or without paint, in different colors and thicknesses between 0.30mm – 1.00mm. Its net coverage area is 800 or 1000 mm. It can be cut in desired lengths. The maximum length is 12 meters.

Single layer corrugated sheets can be produced as painted galvanized sheet, unpainted galvanized sheet as well as painted aluminum and natural aluminum.

Single layer trapezes can also be applied as a sandwich system with the application of insulation material between two plates. Glass wool, (RW) Rockwool, (EPS) Extrude Polysten, (XPS) Expande Polystyrene, (PUR) Polyurethane boards can be used as insulation material in this application.

Rib Height 27mm  
Producible Metal Thicknesses0,30mm  –  0,80mm   
Useful Width 800mm (±3)   –    1000mm (±3) 
Length   Min. 1.000mm – Max. 12.000mm 
Color  Ral Catalog Colors 
Metal Types Painted Sheet – Galvanized sheet – Aluminum  
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